Direct Tax Acts, Finance Act 2018

203 Payments in respect of redundancy
FA 68 s37(1) and (2)

(1) In this section, “lump sum” and “weekly payment” have the same meanings respectively as in the Redundancy Payments Act, 1967.

(2) Any lump sum or weekly payment and any payment to or on behalf of an employed or unemployed person in accordance with regulations under section 46 of the Redundancy Payments Act, 1967, shall be exempt from income tax under Schedule E.

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Corresponding UK Tax Provision

Section 579, Income and Corporation Taxes Act 1988. Now re-enacted at various places in the Corporation Tax Act 2009. Refer to the Destination Table of that Act for details.

Notes to the above

According to the Protection and Employment (Exceptional Collective Redundancies and Related Matters) Act 2007 s9, the above exemption does not apply in specific instances